First Prize in the Ashland Parade!

Ashland Parade 2018 First PlaceSOHS's fire engine won First Price for Vehicles in the Ashland Parade! The fire engine's first appearance in Ashland in forty years marks the end of yet another phase in its life and the beginning of a new one. Thanks to Alice Mullaly and Doug McGeary for carrying SOHS's banner to assure that people understand SOHS is responsible for saving this piece of history and making it operational again.

The parade was a success. Thousands of people were exposed to the fact that SOHS still exists, and that SOHS is aware that Ashland exists. Now we need to reiterate that message in every other community in Jackson County, and continue to do so.

Children (especially four-to-twelve-year-olds) reacted with great enthusiasm to the engine when it was parked on the Plaza after the parade. At times we must have had a dozen at a time climbing on it, trying on the helmets and constantly working the siren, horn and bells. (And occasionally the starter.) Maybe it was all the noisemaking opportunities it offers; maybe it was because there wasn't much else for kids to do after the parade.

The challenge before SOHS now, with the withdrawal of the rehabilitation team, is whether a new group will materialize to make the decisions and do the scheduling, maintenance and driving necessary to KEEP the fire engine--and SOHS--before the public. Contact me.

We had a donation jar inconspicuously displayed, and we received $47.51 in gas money from appreciative parents.

The children diassembled several things, but did no permanent damage. I was a bit concerned about all the electricity consumed by the constant honking and siren-ing, since the generator was still not working and I'd driven to Ashland on the battery. Fortunately, I'd thought to charge our spare battery, which I had to install by the side of the road on the way home.

Ben Truwe


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