Klamath Falls Native Son Wins Oscar Late in Life


Thursday, May 17, 2018


Kernan Turner


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James Ivory saw his first movie when he was five at a theater in Klamath Falls, Ore.  Eighty-four years later, he has become the oldest person ever to receive an Oscar at the Academy Awards.

Born in Berkeley, Calif., on June 7, 1928, Ivory moved with his family to Klamath Falls.  He graduated from Klamath Union High School in 1946, received a University of Oregon fine arts degree in 1951 and a University of Southern California master’s degree in cinema in 1957.

This year’s Oscar for Best Adapted Screen Play went to Ivory for the movie titled “Call Me by Your Name.” Ivory has directed more than 30 full-length movies, most about well-off people with emotional problems, including “A Room with a View” and “Remains of the Day.” 

Ivory has been nominated for four Oscars, winning one.  He has been a partner for 50 years in Merchant Ivory Productions whose films have won six Academy Awards. 

Ivory is spending time this summer, as he has for 80 years, at the family’s Lake of the Woods cabin in the Southern Oregon Cascades west of Klamath Falls.


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