Fuel Problems at Medford Airport; Hawthorne Pool; Robert Kennedy Memorial in Medford

Closeup of hand holding fuel filter, pan down to carburetor / man standing at workbench pointing at filter / more of same / / children splashing in Hawthorne Pool, Medford, jumping in fron edge, various shots, pans / slowmo of boy jumping from diving board / / pan down flagpole to flag at half staff / quiet crowd on Eighth Street at Medford library and city hall--where Robert Kennedy spoke a week before / man speaks at microphone, Navy color guard and Medford City Hall in background / nuns in crowd / Mayor Dunlevy at microphone / shots of crowd / priest reads at microphone / long shot of flag at half staff

See SOHS Film 1327 for more footage about fuel problems at Medford Airport

See SOHS films 1271, 1315 and 1324 for film of RFK in Medford

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M6F Box 5 72E/97E

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Clips for 10-June-68

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Black & White