Ledford Murders, Tyee George hanging

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Tyee George and Skookum John

The Dead Sprit of the Klamath: Story about Celia, sister of Tyee George and daughter of Mary, written by Helen Colvig (attributed to William Colvig)

Rogue River Indian Wars (search for Ledford on the page)

Rogue River Indian War Casualties

1863 Oregon Superintendency Correspondence

In 1860, August ----, Eli Ledford, Samuel Probst, James Crow, S. F. Conger and James Brown were murdered in Rancheria Prairie, thirty-five miles east of Jacksonville, and close upon the eastern border of the settlements of Rogue River Valley

Tyee George - recounts that Col. Drew had Tyee George hung at Camp Baker after he claimed that Tyee George had confessed to the murder of Ledford and others

George was buried near his mother Mary's hut in Jacksonville.