Sawyer Collection Index

The glass plate negatives included in "The Sawyer Collection" actually break down into 4 different collections:

  1. Kiser negatives, taken by Fred Kiser. (2,698). Most images available on the website are from this collection. 
  2. East Coast negatives, taken by Henry G. Peabody. (86)
  3. Mexico negatives (130)
  4. Red Shirts (nitrate negatives) (284, including Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Tetons, other western locations)

The SOHS Sawyer Index lists the names provided on all of the negative envelopes, with "Unlabeled" entered as necessary. If you find descriptions of negatives you are interested in, you can use our online index to determine if thumbnails are available online. If not, please contact the SOHS Library for assistance.