Quilting party at Mother Howlett's, many women, some men, including: Anderson, ?; Harnish, R.; Shaw, H.; Van Scoy, Lyle.; Carleton, L.; Lewis, B.; Shaw, E.; Smith, M.; Pearce, R.; Childreth, N.; Holt, H.; Anderson, ?; Childreth, L.; Lewis, D.;

Daley, Mrs. D.; Nichols, L.; Nichols, G.; Brown, "Grandma"; Knighton, J.; Shaw, F.; Howlett, "Mother"; Perry, S.; Childreth, Mrs. W.; Childreth, H.; Thomas, "Grandma"; Cooke, Mrs.; Ashpole, A.; Daley, A.; Holmes, C.; Holt, Mrs. W.; Grover, N.;


G33 A 1; G36 B 8



Accession Number: 


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