First Methodist Church Choir in Medford, including: MacDonough, Mrs. A. J.; Philbrook, Helen; Sassnett, Rev. J. Randolph; Meeker, Mrs. Clarence; Sassnett, Mrs. J. Randolph; Dew, Helen; Forbes, Myrtle; Bridges, Gladys; Brooks, Edith; Palmer,

Marian; Bliton, Ida; Minear, Maude; Hunter, Eleanor; Brandon, Eunice; Pankey, Grace; Lindley, George; Meeker, Clarence; Vroman, A. L.; Root, Ed; Pierce, Bryan; Brooks, W. P.; Lawton, Leon; Phipps, Ed.; MacDonough, A, J,


G37 E 3



Accession Number: 


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