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White City Drag Strip; Four men, 2 with "Swiftans S.O.T.A. on shirts and one with Souther Oregon Wheelers Medford on shirt

1957 Knackstedt 8/24/1957 Scanned

White City Drag Strip; Men admiring drag car; another cars circled around

1957 Knackstedt 8/24/1957 Scanned

White City Drag Strip; Two cars racing

1957 Knackstedt 8/24/1957 Scanned

White City Drag Strip; Flagman jumping in air to start race between two cars.

1957 Knackstedt 8/24/1957 Scanned

White City Drag Strip; Flagman starting race between two cars, one numbered 169

1957 Knackstedt 8/24/1957 Scanned

White City Drag Strip; Flagman jumping in air to start race between two cars, two other men holding starting bars in front of cars.

1957 Knackstedt 8/24/1957 Scanned

White City Drag Strip; Flagman jumping in air to start race between two cars, 1934 Ford Coupe and 1940 Ford Coupe.

1957 Knackstedt 8/24/1957 Scanned

Central Point Embroidery Club, with: Fox, Stella; Boswell, Maud; and 6 other women

G36 B 3 Scanned

Dollarhide, Ross on Tracey, a bucking horse at Ashland Elks Rodeo. Photo by Miller Photo

G35 E 2 Scanned

Ashland Study Club in costume for a literary Chautaqua event; including: Mulit, Ms; Ware, Mrs. J. B.; Sherwin, Ms, Seager, Ms; Saunders, Ms; McCoy, Agnes; Eubanks, Ms; VanSant, Ms; Whited, Ms; Andrews, Ms; Watson, Ms; Paley, Ms; Case, Ms; Carter, Ms...

Engle, Ms; Bordia, Ms c. 1914 G35 E 3; G50 D 1 Scanned
13540.00 Leonard Carpenter's Masquerade Party, 1918 Medford Group in costumes Parties were commonplace in the Rogue Valley when many prosperous people from the East Coast invested in the booming pear industry shortly after the turn of the century. In 1918... 1918 G45 C 5 Scanned

Singler, August D (or R. H.?) and family; political flyer with photo of family, Sheriff candidate in the primary, before birth of baby who appears in the similar flyer for the general election; 5-1912

1912 G34 E 3 Scanned

Float (built by Miller and Britt) representing the State of Oregon for July 4 parade in Jacksonville with Agnes Love as Miss Oregon

1957 G33 A 6; G36 D 9 Scanned

Women's Activities: Campaigning: Antoinette Kuzmanich Hatfield (Mrs. Mark O.)

G33 D 5 Scanned

Surveyor's party for laying out road to Prospect

1914 G36 B 1 Scanned

Cooking on Salmon River trip - 1 man with doughnuts

G39 B 6 Scanned

Renault, John in the strawberry patch

No print Scanned

Headstone for Peter and Amalia Britt


Myer WC.tiff


Dowell house in Jacksonville; 8-1971/ 1971

G36 E 8 Scanned

Kennedy, John F. - Pear Blossom Parade 1960 Parade Riding in back of white convertible

1960 G33 C 6 Scanned

Medford's first railroad depot. Depot building at Main and Front streets, Riddle House hotel in background. Hotel operated as Riddle House between 1886 and 1888. Medford (Or.) (see also negatives # 9123 and 7348)

Thomas Collection: G44 F2, Notebook 1a, Page 5 ca.1887 G37 B 6; G37 E 4; G39 E 5; G44 F 2 Scanned