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Southern Oregon State Normal School in Ashland with students on steps

G35 F 6

Gym class at Southern Oregon State Normal School in Ashland

1908 G36 A 1

Old Academy, also Old Ashland College, 1872

1872 G43 D 5

Old Academy (Skidmore Academy) in Ashland

c. 1887 G35 F 6; G36 A 1

Old North School, Ashland

c. 1886 G35 F 6

Old North School in Ashland

1884 G35 F 6; G36 A 1

South School in Ashland; stereo

G35 F 6

Students at Ashland High School, including: Williamson, Margaret; Ganiard, A. B.; Shelley, Mrs. Frank; Sherwood, Emma; Herndon, Walter; Smith, Grace; Rippey, Maude; Rifner, Mabell; Welch, Gail; McCune, Edith; Drew, Neff; Sayle, Harry;

Deierlein, Gertrude; Bailey, Myrn; Corum, Clara; Baker, Virginia; Patrick, Orra; Spencer, Winnie; Shafer, Flora; Farlow, Elda; Carson, Lucy; Norcross, Eva; Corum, Perry; Harfold, Mabel; Brown, Emily; Byers, Mrs. E. D.; Eastman, Gertrude; and others 1908 G36 A 1

Blind music teacher Roughtan with his singing class in Ashland, including: Jaquette, Lettie; Garrett, Ella Thornton; Walrod, "Grandma"; Hargadine, Etta; Emery, Lulu; Andrus, Kate Thornton; Fountain, Grace Russell; Niles, Mary Helman;

Willey, Laura Thornton; Sargent, Alice Applegate Michaelson; Bishop, Fannie Kay; Rockfellow, Dacia; Burnett, Mary; Burnett, Lydia; Walrod, Nora Smith; Rockfellow, Eugene; Gillette, Charles; Patterson, George; McCall, J. M.; Downing, Sam; Oatman, Bert; c. 1870 G35 F 7

View southeast across Ashland Plaza from N. Main St.

1909 G35 D 8; G50 A 2

Ashland Plaza with freight wagons and teams; Wagner house in distance, Hargadine Store on left (see also negative # 9835)

c. 1875 G35 D 8; G40 A 9; G50 A 3; G50 B 1; G50 C 1

Street scene, Ashland

no print

View down E. Main St. from Plaza in Ashland

c. 1910 G35 D 7

Ashland street scene, looking east from N. Main St. into Plaza

c. 1876 G35 D 7; G35 D 8; G50 C 1

Plaza with many horses and wagons

1903 G35 D 8; G50 A 3

Two men with 3 deer hitched to Walton's wagon or cart, advertising program at the Vining Theatre

c. 1900 G35 D 7

Ashland Plaza area (after fire?)

1902 G35 D 8

3 boys sledding on E. Main St. in the snow

G35 D 7

2 men sitting on stone wall in Ashland

G35 D 7

Stock camp of paving company on Water St. in Ashland

1910s G35 E 7

View from N. Main St. looking east toward Ashland Plaza (see 84754)

G35 D 8

Street scene, Ashland. 1887. Water St. is just off the picture on the right. The Presbyterian Church is in the distance. The Bard's Inn now occupies the site of the Church.

1887 no print

No negative and no description of image

no print

Railroad depot, Ashland

no print

Electric Power Plant, the first plant in Ashland. Spillway - Men: McCall, John; Nelson,Frank. W. H. Rough, photog.

1898 G35 E 7

Group of firemen by a fire truck in Ashland

G35 E 4

Ashland City Hall with 3 fire trucks of different vintages, with: Kiel, John; Baldwin, John; Baugham, Clint; King, J. W.; Wilson, Lawrence; 10-6-1938 {Blotches in ULC, use #173}

1938 G35 E 4

Firemen testing new nozzle, with Morgan, John, and 2 other people

c. 1906 G35 E 4

Ashland Fire Station with truck, and with: Wallace, Ronnie; Baldwin, John; King, Joe; Baughman, C. J.

1939 G35 E 4

Davis, Chief O. W. in Ashland Fire Department pickup truck; 9-3-1959

1959 G35 E 4

Fire Department, Ashland. Hose Co. #1. Ca. 1888. 1. Myer, Clay; 2. Windom, Pete; 3. Million, Joe; 4. Kaiser, Ed; 5. Eubanks, George; 6. Youle, George; 7. Otto, William; 8. Bragdon, Harry; 9. Diver, Ike; 10. Ayers, Clarence; 11. McConnell, George;...

12. Graves, Charles; 13. Gillette, Charles; 14. Blount, O. H.; 15. Long, Nim; 16. Johnson, Charles; Ralph, Dave; Thomas Collection: G44 F3 Notebook 8, Page 19 c. 1888 G35 E 4; G44 F 3

First motorized fire equipment in Ashland, with Fire Chief Roberson, George; Grisey, Persey; and Mayor Johnson, O. H.

G35 E 4

Ashland firemen of the No. 1 Hose Company, including: Paulson, P. W.; Gillette, Charles; Hicks, E.; Ralph, John; Otto, Bill; Helman, Link; Howell, Morris; Chitwood, Charles; Hildreth, Al; Graves, Charles; Thornton, Ed; Ralph, Dave; Johnson, Charles...

G35 E 4

Geris, Percy

no print

Two men and 2 women in car

G39 D 7

Model 10: "White Streak". 1910

1910 G39 D 7

Agate hunters, Little Butte Creek

no print

Group of cars on way to Grants Pass; 5-3-1910

1910 G39 D 8

Two men, 2 women, and a child in auto

G39 D 8

Britt auto

no print

First automobile to arrive in Jacksonville, 1908

no print

Car at "Cave Camp" among big trees

G39 D 7

Essex Challenge - First automobile trip to summit of Table Rock; 2 men with sign beside car, stopped in woods; 6-25-1929

1929 G39 C 7

Essex Challenge - First automobile trip to summit of Table Rock; man and woman on left side of car stopped in woods; 6-25-1929

1929 G39 C 7

Essex Challenge - 1st car to climb Table Rock; group photo on summit, with: Worth, Jack; Lange, Luke, Hugo F.; White, E. F.; Alford, Herb; 6-25-1929 (see also negative # 13483)

1929 G39 C 7

Essex Challenge - First automobile trip to summit of Table Rock; car tilted sideways as it comes up the hill; 6-25-1929 (see also negative #13486)

1929 no print

Leever, W. C. at the door of his hardware store in Central Point

1895 G36 B 3; G36 B 4

William Constant in his hardware store in Central Point

1898 G36 B 4

Isaac Constant house in Central Point

G36 B 3

Central Point Post Office, with: Tex, Guy, Della; Little, Ben; Grieve, James, with 2 horses and mail delivery buggies (replaced by negative #5345, but see also negative # 12216)

1907 no print