Repurposing Sale and Tour of the Penney's Building

Saturday, March 27, 2021 - 10:00am to 2:00pm
For almost sixty years, Medford’s historic Penney’s building, at the corner of 6 th and Central,
was a magnet for shoppers in Southern Oregon. The J.C. Penny’s building, at the corner of 6 th
and Central, was the first major commercial building erected in downtown, Medford, following
WWII. The Southern Oregon Historical Society will open the building to the public for walk
throughs in conjunction with its “Repurposing Sale” of excess office items, furniture, and books.
The building, with its dramatic corner entrance, was hailed for its “ultramodern appearance”
when it was first opened in 1948. The spacious central hall, interior balcony and adjoining office
areas, of the two-story structure still evoke simpler times children dressed up mothers wore
their white gloves to go shopping at Penney’s, and all transactions were handled by containers
exchanged by pneumatic tubes with a central cashiering office. Penneys remained a downtown
fixture until 1986, when the store moved to the new Rogue Valley Mall. After sitting unused for
three years, the building was bought by the Southern Oregon Historical Society.
The 25,000 square foot structure is currently being prepared by the Society for mixed
commercial and historical society use, including the possibility a new regional museum.
Although portions of the building are available for lease, the History Center will continue
For further information contact Larry Mullaly at 541-431-1436.