SOHS Research

The SOHS Library maintains multiple catalogs and indexes in order to maximize access to its materials. The Research Menu above provides access to many, but not all, SOHS Library and Archives sources. Please be sure to search the Online Catalog, too, and visit, call or email the Library for assistance.

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Online Catalog: The online catalog covers thousands of artifacts that are in the SOHS collection, and provides images for many of them. The photographs, documents, maps and library materials in the SOHS Archives are also included. The online catalog is not complete, however, and SOHS still depends on its old card catalog and printed materials to explore the archives.

Mega Index: This index covers multiple resources that provide information on people, places and events in Southern Oregon.

Photos Index: The SOHS Archives includes over 100,000 photographs. Over 60,000 are indexed. Although most of the photos are not available online, there are links to nearly 4,000 photos embedded in the index. All other photos are available for purchase or viewing through the SOHS Archives.

Southern Oregon History, Revised is the most extensive full text online source available for southern Oregon History. You can search the contents from the home page, or you could use the link below to SEARCH OTHER SITES - this will include additional resources.

Search Other Sites: This helpful page provides a way to search multiple other websites once, then view the results from each site. All of us tend to forget sometimes that the Jackson County Genealogical Society Library, the Medford Mail Tribune, SOU and, last but not least, the Southern Oregon History Revised websites are incredibly rich resources. This search page is a great reminder, and a tool that simplifies searching. The page also lists additional resources, such as the public libraries, but does not search their collections.

Address Index: SOHS has indexed multiple resources that provide historical information concerning properties in southern Oregon. Staff can also provide information on pursuing the history of your own home or building.

As It Was Stories: If you are interested in some of southern Oregon's more colorful stories, try the As It Was stories. Each one has been aired on Jefferson Public Radio just once, but you can read and/or listen to the full text on the SOHS and JPR websites.

Biographies: SOHS staff and volunteers have written biographical sketches about notable southern Oregonians, and provided photos for each sketch.

Century Farms: Southern Oregon Century Farms are listed on this page, and eventually photos and additional information will be added.

Film List: SOHS Archives includes 5,000 or more film clips. These are being digitized by volunteers and indexed as they complete the process. Although the films are not yet available for online viewing, they may be viewed during SOHS Library hours. More volunteers are needed for this ambitious and interesting project.

Frank Clark Inventory: Frank Clark was such a well known and distinguished architect in southern Oregon that an inventory of his buildings and homes was done in 1982. The results of that inventory, plus information about Frank Clark projects from other sources, are available on our website.