Sustaining Membership

Becoming a member is an easy way to share SOHS’s exciting future while insuring we can maintain the programs  and events you enjoy. Choose the amount and we’ll charge it to a credit card each month. Plus you’ll enjoy all the benefits of your membership level! 

It’s easy on your budget and you don’t have to think about it.  

You can change your dollar amount or your mind whenever you choose.  

Patron Benefits (for up to four family members):

  • Free access to SOHS Research Library and Archives; 
  • Free access to Hanley Farm when open; 
  • Monthly SOHS e-newsletter; 
  • SOHS Quarterly Magazine;
  • Advance notice of events and volunteer opportunities; 
  • Early admission, registration, and ticket purchase for SOHS programs and events Discounted admission to many SOHS events;
  • 10% discount on SOHS gift shop purchases;
  • Five free scans of research library materials;*
  • 10% discount on Hanley Farm and Event Center rentals.*

*Scans and Hanley Farm and Event Center rentals are a one time per year/per person use.

Sustaining Member Benefits:

Patron - $120/$10 monthly: Patron benefits for individual and for family members.

Curator - $300/$25 monthly: All of the above plus a private tour of the SOHS Archives.

Director - $600/$50 monthly: All of the above plus guest privileges for 6 individuals.

Historian - $1200/$100 monthly: All of the above plus a private tour of the SOHS collection.

Sustaining memberships are charged to your credit card in monthly amounts of your choice.

Sustaining memberships automatically apply to up to four members of your family.