SOHS Volunteer Sign-in Details

PURPOSE: SOHS uses information about volunteer work for various purposes, including essential background in grant proposals. If the form is used effectively, SOHS staff may easily view the results and compile apporpriate reports. 

ACCESS: The data entered on the Volunteer Sign-in forms is kept in a secure database on the website. If you would like access to your past entries, or you need content from the database for other purposes, please contact the Webmaster or the Archivist. 


  • FIRST NAME FIELD: Enter your first name
  • LAST NAME FIELD: Enter your last name
  • EMAIL: Enter you email address
  • NUMBER OF HOURS WORKED: Enter the number of hours for the particular date, OR enter a cumulative number of hours. For example, if you worked on a project for weeks and want to make one entry, that's fine. 
  • DATE: You can change the date to the specific day you worked, or just leave it on the default date. The field is there for volunteers who want us to maintain an accurate record of their hours. For SOHS's purposes, a general date is OK
  • EVENT CODE: please check the best match. 
  • COMMENT: An optional field you're welcome to use if you would like SOHS to keep more information. For example, if you were at a cashier at an event you might add "cashier" in the comment field. 

GROUP ENTRIES: Volunteers who work at events, attend meetings, or participate in other group activities, may prefer to enter hours on a sign-up sheet. One person may then enter just a total number of hours on the sign-up sheet. Examples of group entries:

Hanley Farm event: one person would enter his/her personal name and email (or an sohs email). The number of hours worked would be the total number by all volunteers. The Event Code would be "Event at Hanley Farm." The Comment field would give the name of the event. In this case, the event date would be the correct date to enter.

SOHS Board and Committee meetings: Individual committee members may enter their hours separately on the form. If they prefer not to, a group entry could be made. The Comment field can include the specific group name, purpose of meeting, etc. 

Gold Diggers: when Gold Diggers participate in events, their hours are reported as event hours. When they attend meetings or help with preparations for SOHS events, their hours are reported to Gold Diggers. Once a quarter or so, the Gold Diggers secretary can report those hours on this form, or by contacting SOHS staff (who would fill out this form). Only the total will be entered on the form. Individual Gold Digger members could use the form instead of reporting their hours at the meetings if they want to. 

Library Volunteer hours: Library volunteers enter their hours on forms in the library. The Archivist enters a total number for whatever time period on the form, and notes the time period in the comment field.