The Event Center at SOHS

Event Center 1

The Proposal

SOHS plans to transform its historical Medford building, originally the J. C. Penney's Building, into an event center that can offer multiple spaces:

MAIN FLOOR - A large, flexible 250+ person event facility available for public and SOHS events. The elegant staircase can provide a grand entrance, an Event Registration desk will facilitate conferences, and meeting rooms will be available.

MAIN FLOOR, NORTH WING - The location for a new SOHS Museum, with an entrance from the parking lot on the north end of the building

MEZZANINE - available for small, more intimate events or seating, with art work on display.

Event Center 2

SECOND FLOOR - SOHS office/storage, plus a Brides' Room and potential additional museum gallery space

REMODELING will create an attractive period-appropriate Modern-inspired asset for downtown Medford that will be attractive for users and guests. Featuring stylish amenities, remodeling will include restoring the building lobby, creating a decorated ticket counter and providing a large event space with appropriate ceiling treatments.


The J. C. Penney's Building is an iconic example of streamline modern architecture, and the only one built by J. C. Penney, although it was intended as a prototype.

Event Center 3

Streamline Modern is an international style of Art Deco architecture and design that emerged in the 1930s. It was inspired by aerodynamic design. Streamline architecture emphasized curving forms, long horizontal lines, and sometimes nautical elements. In industrial design, it was used in railroad locomotives, telephones, toasters, buses, appliances, and other devices to give the impression of sleekness and modernity.

BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE (deferred maintenance)
New Roof$300,000
Clean/Paint Building$57,000
HVAC Replacement$95,000

Note: This estimate does not does not include Museum costs