SOHS Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Southern Oregon Historical Society Board of Trustees condemns racism in all forms and supports efforts toward justice and equality in the United States. The Board is dedicated to encouraging diversity and inclusion by recognizing the contributions of all people who live or have lived in southern Oregon. SOHS's mission to "protect, preserve and share the stories and artifacts" of Southern Oregon’s history includes a responsibility to present information factually and impartially.

For many years, SOHS staff and volunteers have been aware that the Society's artifacts and archives predominately represent the culture and heritage of white pioneers and later settlers. This presents a challenge for researchers and exhibit creators who strive to report history objectively and include information about marginalized people. This web page provides links to some of SOHS’s efforts at documenting the stories of these communities:

Going forward, the SOHS Board, staff and volunteers plan to incorporate various actions to promote inclusion, including:

-inviting a wider range of people into SOHS's planning process,

-continuing to highlight marginalized voices in the stories we tell,

-increasing access to history,

-promoting history as a tool for understanding,

-and pursuing best practices and professional standards related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

NOTE: In preparing this statement, the SOHS Board of Trustees, has particularly benefited from the Oregon State Park Heritage Commission guidelines:  “Addressing  Racism in Historic Places and Heritage Organizations.”  This document and other resources may be found at